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Benefits of Chair Massage at Work

Here’s Why You Should Give Your Employees Massages At Work

It’s no secret that building out a robust wellness culture is the next big trend in corporate office management. Over the last few years, Madison Square Wellness has helped many high profile New York City businesses implement wellness routines big and small— from one on one demos to help educate employees about strategies for better movement at work, to the full suite of our on-site wellness services that includes acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy. 

Even though the benefits of these services to employees (and employers) are almost immediately visible, I understandably run across a lot of office managers who are hesitant to jump into a massive wellness program overnight. 

My advice to them? Start by massaging your employees at work!

Well, at least let a professional do it. 

Bringing in a massage therapist to treat employees in your office, on their own time, is a great way to introduce your business to the ever-more popular model of on-site wellness. By offering this one simple service alone, you can achieve amazing things for your company. 

The health benefits of massage therapy for office workers are proven

Studies show that offering sessions of massage therapy at work, when carried out by a licensed massage therapist, can improve the health of office workers in several ways. 

In the short term, one study found that offering this service in the workplace gave workers significant pain and discomfort reduction. This is especially important for workers who hunch over desks all day, hurting their backs, necks and more. Other short term benefits included the reduction of both anxiety and stress, two of the biggest factors to unhappiness in the workplace.

More studies showed that in the long run, providing regular massage therapy to office workers significantly reduced physical and mental strain, and even lowered their blood pressure after a period of weeks! 

Keep in mind that all of this comes from simple, semi-regular 15 to 20 minute sessions.

Massages in the workplace make employees happier, and more satisfied with their job

Like the company holiday party, or monthly happy hour, providing on-site wellness makes employees feel cared about, and increases their happiness at work. Massage therapy has the potential to deliver this in spades.

A study in 2009 showed that providing massage therapy at the office increased employees’ job satisfaction, among other health benefits. This is huge. Considering that low job satisfaction is one of the most common reasons (more than salary concerns!) that people leave their workplace, a simple and cheap way to make workers feel happier with what they do is a no brainer. 

Setting up a free ‘Afternoon of Wellness’ is a snap

The best part about massage therapy in the workplace is that it is so easy to set up! 

MSQW can offer your business a complimentary ‘Afternoon of Wellness’ to show you just how simple it can be. We’ll bring our team of fully licensed, experienced massage therapists straight to your office, complete with all of the equipment we need to transform an unused conference room into a relaxing wellness space.

After one session with our therapists, your employees will love the convenience and ease of our on-site model. All of our practitioners are compassionate, professional experts in on-site care. And since we offer acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy as well, it’s easy and cost free for you to build a more robust wellness program with our services. 

To learn more about the MSQW philosophy of on-site wellness, check out offerings here!