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Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons that patients seek out our services. It can be as crippling as it is mysterious. Sometimes it occurs as a result of a clear unjury, while other times it seems to sneak up out of nowhere.

In New York City, it can be completely immobilizing for folks whose day to day lives revolve around getting around the city.  

Over our fifteen years of experience, we’ve developed a deep working knowledge of how to properly diagnose, treat and prevent lower back pain using time tested chiropractic methods blended with the newest technologies in the field. At Madison Square Wellness, each patient is evaluated on a holistic, individual basis in order to determine a unique course of treatment that best suits their situation.

Diagnosis: Getting to the source of your pain

When we see a patient with lower back pain for the first time, we spend as much time as we can examining their current physical situation, as well as their habits and lifestyles. Our chiropractors may use gentle, hands-on analysis to determine the extent of the problem and test for range of motion. 

Usually, lower back pain that is the result of an injury can be diagnosed relatively quickly. We also take time to go over other factors that may contribute, such as long-term posture problems and ergonomics in the workplace (a huge contributor to lower back pain). When we have determined the likely cause of your discomfort, only then will we proceed to plan a course of treatment. 

In-office treatment options for lower back pain

Chiropractors in our office are experts in a number of techniques that have been developed specifically to address lower back pain. Some of the most common we use are:

Spinal Manipulation

This is a chiropractor’s bread and butter, and one of our most effective tools for treating lower back pain. Our staff are trained in administering gentle, precise, hands-on spinal manipulations that release pressure and realign the spine. There are a number of specific manipulations we can perform, depending on the nature of our patients’ pain and physical condition. 


Flexion-distraction technique uses a mechanical chiropractic table to gently stretch the body in precise ways. Using the motion of the segmented table, we are able to relieve pressure on the spine— this is an especially effective way to treat bulging and herniated discs that cause immense pain in the lumbar spine. Flexion-distraction is painless and non-invasive. 

We create long-term wellness for patients through goal oriented at home programs

In addition to providing top-in-class care for our patients in the office, our philosophy of wellness extends beyond our clinic. Especially in the case of lower back pain, educating patients on how to stretch, exercise and generally maintain the correct body movements at home is an essential part of our practice. 

MSQW uses integrated technology to easily provide patients with guided exercise and stretching logs. These explain the practice and utility of prescribed movements, and allows for communication and progress-monitoring between practitioner and patients. Helpful videos show how to perform each movement, and feedback systems allow new exercises to be prescribed as patients progress through treatment.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, please visit our website for more information about treatment options. We can help you eliminate pain, and move towards a more mobile and enjoyable lifestyle in no time at all.