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Ergonomic Assessment and Posture Screening


How we carry our bodies day in and day out has a massive effect on our wellbeing. Poor posture can only be ignored for so long before serious problems begin to emerge as a consequence. Hours hunched over a computer at work can wreak havoc on your body, even for an otherwise healthy person. 

At Madison Square Wellness, we use cutting edge technologies alongside expert, hands-on diagnostic techniques to assess the posture problems our patients face. We offer posture assessments to every patient in our clinic, and even provide at-desk ergonomic assessments to employees for our on-site corporate partners. 

Posture Assessments

Our diverse team of practitioners are highly skilled at analyzing patients’ posture, identifying points of weakness and creating in-depth plans for improvement. We use a variety of techniques to accomplish these goals:


  • Hands-On Assessment: The best tool we have for examining posture is through in-person observation of patients. Our PTs and Chiropractors use gentle prompts and manipulations to assess how patients move, and how they hold their bodies. 
  • Careful Communication: Listening to patients describe their routines, activities and working conditions help us build a more complete picture of the way they move on a daily basis. Often times patients are more aware than they might think of bad habits, especially when it comes to posture.
  • Posture Screening Technology: For in-clinic and on-site patients, our practitioners can produce a technically specific profile of posture using a digital application that analyzes photographs. This software allows us to visualize problems with posture to share with patients, as well as track their progress throughout the course of treatment.



Ergonomic Assessments

If you work at a desk all day long, you are probably aware that poor posture can lead to serious problems with pain, stiffness and even mobility issues over time. The modern office worker faces longer hours with less activity than ever before. Luckily for our patients, MSQW has developed a suite of tools to maximize good posture habits in the workplace:


  • On-Site Ergonomic Assessments: For our on-site clients, one of the most common problems we see is back, neck and shoulder pain associated with poor posture at a desk. We use a photo-processing application to analyze the body and equipment position of patients, and make suggestions for improvement according to the results. Small adjustments to the layout of a desk can result in huge changes for the better.
  • Hands-on Ergonomic Training: Our practitioners are experts in coaching patients towards better movement habits. We provide on-site and in-clinic patients clear instructions about how to hold themselves while working, as well as tips and tricks for staying active throughout the day. As a bonus, we also provide ergonomic best practices to office managers, so they can incorporate proper posture training into their overall corporate wellness programs.