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Doc Shure: Why We Do On-Site Wellness

Why I Became an Expert in On-site Wellness

When I first started Madison Square Wellness over 15 years ago, my goal was simple: to bring effective, proactive health and wellness to as many New Yorkers as possible. In this city that never sleeps, I saw first-hand how daily stresses could wear down the health of even the most ambitious professional. 

One thing that became clear to me almost immediately was how many people simply lacked the time to seek treatment. Between long hours at the office, family responsibilities and social lives, many of my patients struggled to eke out time for even an hour long appointment. Even the most ardent health enthusiasts can’t always find the time in their busy schedule to visit our office. 

I knew that there had to be a better way to help people take care of their bodies. In line with the philosophy of MSQW, I decided to look for ways to meet my patients where they were.

This led me to be one of the first health practitioners to explore the on-site wellness model in NYC. Since most people spend the majority of their time at work, I knew there was an opportunity to meet people halfway, by bringing the suite of health services our clinic offered right to the people. 

Since that time, I’ve been lucky enough to become an expert in this model of healthcare, providing on-site wellness services to some of New York’s most prestigious and cutting-edge businesses. 

Here’s what I’ve learned to love about on-site wellness in the 8 years I’ve been doing it:

More people get treated

The best part about on-site wellness is that we get to see patients who would not otherwise have the time to seek treatment. Whenever we go on-site, we hear from patients how happy they are to have the opportunity to see practitioners amidst their busy schedules. Many, if not most of them would not have the time to come see us if we didn’t make the effort to go into their work and meet them where they were. As a healthcare provider who wants to reach the most people possible, this is what I appreciate most about the on-site model of wellness. 

It fits our proactive, goal-oriented model of healthcare

While we certainly address acute pain and discomfort, we believe in proactive care that builds strong foundations of health. When we form relationships with our corporate partners, we get the chance to work with the same patients week in and week out. This consistency means we can focus on building long-term health goals and track progress for our patients, instead of only providing simple one-off treatments. About 85% of our patients come to us for this type of proactive healthcare— this would not be possible without our on-site work. 

We form strong relationships with our patients and partners

Along the same lines, I love the fact that on-site wellness allows our clinic to build real, lasting relationships with patients. We consistently hear that our on-site treatments are the best part of people’s day, and the feeling is mutual. There’s nothing better in healthcare than having the opportunity to create long-term relationships with patients. Not only does it allow us to provide better, more tailored treatments to all of our patients, but it’s just more enjoyable when you come to like the people you work with. 

It promotes a healthy employer / employee relationship 

Finally, I love the on-site wellness model because it’s a demonstration of the right way businesses should treat their employees. You can read all day about the high ROI a comprehensive corporate wellness program delivers, but at the end of the day I think the businesses that give their employees access to high-quality health services at work simply understand that helping people live healthier lives is the right to do. We’re proud to work with corporate partners who understand that people drive businesses, and at the heart of all successful organizations are happy, healthy individuals. Playing a small part in getting teams closer to that goal is a joy.  

If you are interested in learning more about the way our on-site services could benefit your business, I’m always looking to connect with people interested in the wellness arena. Feel free to reach out any time, and visit MSQW at our website here.