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Overview And Experience

Failure is not an option

Dr. Gregory Shure, Madison Square Wellness’s Founder and CEO, is the lead chiropractor on staff.

Dr. Shure’s philosophy, “Live well. Feel well. Be well,” has been at the heart of Madison Square Wellness since he opened the chiropractic office in Midtown Manhattan ten years ago. As a father and business owner, he knows firsthand the demands that city living and an active lifestyle can place on New Yorkers.


His unique approach and commitment to holistic care has led him to work with individuals and communities, and at large and small-scale events that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Along with his corporate involvement, he also volunteers his time with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, aiding their team in training for the NYC Triathlon and NYC Half Marathon.

Dr. Shure’s innovative approach to gentle chiropractic care involves active isolated stretching, trigger point performance, therapeutic massage, and nutritional guidance to help his patients feel better.

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