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Idea to Bring Wellness Into the Corporate Office

5 Easy To Implement Wellness Ideas For Any Corporate Office 

2020 marks the start of a new decade, and a new opportunity for office managers around the city to find fresh ways to keep their employees healthy and happy. Corporate wellness initiatives continue to be popular among companies large and small, as evidence suggests a great return on investment for those looking not just to boost morale, but also to increase productivity and decrease the overall cost of healthcare for their employees. 

At Madison Square Wellness, we know the importance of having a strong culture of wellness within your office. 

Whether you’re interested in jumping into the new year by starting a corporate wellness program or building on an existing one, here are a few easy ideas you can implement without much effort or cost! 

Foster an environment of peace using the power of plants

People love houseplants. Sales of the little green guys have absolutely skyrocketed up 50% over the last three years to a whopping $1.7 billion

And why not! There is an obvious aesthetic draw to a healthy fiddle leaf fig. However, it turns out HR managers should be just as excited about the potential power of plants as instagram-obsessed millennials are. Indoor plants are able to significantly improve air quality, reduce anxiety, reduce fatigue during demanding work and even boost creativity in the workplace!

Scattering potted plants around your office is an easy and inexpensive way to make life better for your employees. An added benefit is that you can raffle one off every now and then for added appreciation— after all, who doesn’t want another plant for their bedroom!

Replace office happy hours with group workout sessions

Bonding over alcohol is a time honored tradition that may still have a place in the next decade. But as trends lean towards wellness, you can find healthier ways to bring your office together by sponsoring physically active events every now and then. 

For example, rather than buying a case of wine once every month, hire a yoga instructor to come in and lead all those who are interested in a group session! Studies have suggested that bonding over synchronized activities is an evolutionarily developed method for connecting with those around us. 

Whether it’s group jogging, yoga or a dance class, you’ll find that anything that gets people moving together is just as effective at building relationships as drinking— with significantly fewer work from home requests the next day. 

Fight computer neck by hosting a posture clinic

Computer neck,” or pain in the neck, back and shoulders associated with hunching over a screen at work every day is on the rise. It’s a problem that inevitably will affect your desk-based employees, causing pain and costing time and money.

Getting out ahead of this can benefit you in so many ways. Bringing in a posture expert for a simple one hour session can teach your team the techniques they need to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

MSQW can offer posture assessments to your employees on site using a cutting edge, easy-to-use digital application that determines individualized exercises and stretches for each person. To learn more about this awesome service, contact us here

Bring health providers directly to employees with on-site wellness

Finding the time to seek health services can often be difficult for employees— it is often the case that people go far too long without seeing health professionals simply due to scheduling issues. That’s why bringing those services directly to your employees through on-site wellness programs can make a huge difference to their health and well being.

MSQW offers a range of wellness services directly to the corporate office. From a borrowed conference room our expert practitioners can provide chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy to your employees on their own schedule. 

The best part is that this service is usually free to employers, and often covered for employees by company health insurance. If you want your employees to become more productive, less stressed, experience less physical pain and boost their creativity, check out our On-Site Wellness page to learn more about the services we can offer your business! 

Sponsor guided meditation to keep minds calm and clear

Over the past decade meditation made its way to the forefront of the wellness scene, and for good reason! Studies have shown that meditation can lower stress, reduce physical pain and boost creativity, among other benefits. 

You can bring meditation to the workplace by hiring an expert to lead guided sessions or lessons directly in the office. Also, apps that offer guided meditation through a smartphone, such as Headspace, often offer subscriptions at a discount at the corporate level. 

MSQW can help take your corporate wellness to the next level

These tips are a great way to make strides towards a healthier and happier corporate culture. 

To learn more about MSQW bringing wellness on-site to your team, email us at [email protected] or call us at (212) 696-9355. We can start by scheduling an “Afternoon of Wellness,” with your office to introduce your team to the services we offer. 

You can find more information on our website, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and for more health, lifestyle, and fitness tips be sure to visit our blog!