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On-site Chiropractic Wellness: Bringing Wellness to your Workplace

Long hours at your desk leaves your body aching and energy sapped. Today, more and more people arrive at work early in the morning but rarely leave before 6pm. These long hours lead to a lifestyle of tremendous stress, specifically from three factors: physical (posture), chemical (what you eat), and emotional (deadlines, responsibilities, personal matters). When these stresses remain high, our bodies tighten in response. Our spine and movement becomes affected. This ultimately leads to chronic tension and eventually, pain.

Employees who experience low back pain and neck strain often suffer the loss of productivity and hefty expenses associated with medical, rehabilitation and surgical intervention. These long, sedentary days lead to chronic health problems from back pain, to shoulder tension, to headaches. In the workplace, these conditions come in second only to upper respiratory conditions as stated cause for loss of work.

Corporate Wellness is ideal for people seeking a counterbalance to these stressors. Given these statistics, it’s not surprising more and more employers are effectively addressing low back pain and neuromuscular conditions by adding chiropractic wellness on-site. What’s more, it’s been shown that workplace wellness works threefold:

  1. Elevated Workplace Culture: Employees report more positive moods and increased opinion of their workplace & employers
  2. Optimized Health: 83% say their overall health has improved dramatically 18% have seen a direct decrease in their out-of-pocket health expenses
  3. Increased Productivity: 64% of employees report that their job performance has improved significantly

At Madison Square Wellness, our goal is to create a different model of health care. By combining gentle chiropractic care and muscle work, we work to rebalance the body and counterbalance the effects of the workplace. We help your company integrate a Corporate Wellness initiative that not only reaches your coworkers already in pain, but that also focuses on the future of your company, your team, and keeps both running at their most optimal.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why Corporate Wellness?

  1. Eliminates need to take time off of work to travel for appointments
  2. Optimizes your team’s health
  3. Decreases out of pocket health expenses
  4. Increases Productivity
  5. Elevates Workplace Culture

How does our Corporate Wellness Program work? Madison Square Wellness brings chiropractic care on-site to your company! We bring all the equipment needed. Ideally, we work with your HR Team or Wellness Director to establish a “Wellness” room at your office, if you don’t already have one (or we can work to schedule the use of a conference room one or two days a week). We store our equipment and set up the room each week at those sites.

What are the benefits of having a Chiropractor come to our company? Chiropractic services can help reduce low back pain, muscle tension, neck pain, and headaches – all of which are exacerbated by sitting at a desk for long hours every day. We take a proactive look at improving posture and flexibility. Taking a few moments each week to focus on your health can mean better productivity, and a much more positive mood.

What services does Madison Square Wellness provide? We recommend that our Corporate Accounts begin with chiropractic services to acclimate employees to the wellness concept. We can then provide a host of services to you, including acupuncture and physical therapy, which are a great adjunct to chiropractic care.

Is there a fee for your doctors to come on-site? There is no fee or charge to your company for us to be on-site to provide our services!

How do you charge employees? We take care of all administrative aspects, including filing of insurance claims, billing, and scheduling. We pride ourselves on the concierge approach we take with respect to the care of our patients.

Do you require a certain number of appointments a day? No we do not. We generally find that when patients experience the benefits of our services, word gets out and everyone wants in!

How do we get started? What is the first step? To introduce our services we would host a complimentary chair massage event. This is a wonderful way to build excitement among your team. And who doesn’t love a mini massage at work?! The details of this are outlined below. Our office will provide you with an email to send to your team that introduces our services and provides a link for them to sign up for a massage during our event. Dr. Shure and his team will be on hand to introduce our services and offer mini chiropractic consultations. We work very hard to make these events engaging and informative!

Why do you call yourself a “concierge practice”? We call ourselves a concierge practice because we handle all aspects of administration in house. We handle all scheduling of appointments, insurance verification and correspondence, and billing. This completely removes your company’s team from any administrative responsibilities, allowing them to wholly enjoy the benefits of our care.

“My favorite day of the week is when Madison Square Wellness is in the office!” — Marion C.

“Caring professionals who listen as well as they heal. Lucky to have them in my life.” — Nancy Y.

“Great work. Easy scheduling and I feel great. Would recommend to friends (and have) in a heartbeat.” — Ernesto F.

To learn more about bringing chiropractic wellness on-site to your team, email us at [email protected] or call us at (212) 696- 9355. You can find more information on our website, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and for more health, lifestyle, and fitness tips be sure to visit our blog!