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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Madison Square Wellness is an essential component of our mission to offer patients integrated health and wellness treatments. Our PT’s are New York City’s top in class practitioners, with years of experience helping patients regain and enhance body movement. 

Injuries, workplace stress and chronic posture issues can lead to pain and sub-optimal physical functioning. Our philosophy of PT is patient-centered: our goal is always to meet patients at their point of discomfort, and work together towards reaching long-term health and wellness. 

The PTs of MSQW use cutting edge technologies and expert, human-based movement analysis to optimize their patients’ physical functioning so they can live well, feel well, be well. 


Proactive treatment for active New Yorkers

While most people seek PT in the wake of injury or immobilizing event, we believe there is tremendous value in proactively preparing one’s body for long-term wellness. PTs at MSQW are enthusiastic about helping people plan for their physical future, and ensure that they will be able to do the things they love for as long as possible. 

Preventing injury and prolonging optimum health means taking action early. PT is a fantastic way to cut out bad habits and establish healthy ones when it comes to body movement. All of our practitioners work as educators as well as therapists to make sure that the treatment they provide sticks with patients after they leave the office. 

Whether you are planning to run in the New York City Marathon, or simply want to dance at your kids’ wedding, MSQW can help you reach the long-term goals that really matter.


Holistic, Diverse Therapeutic Techniques

Our practitioners are on the cutting edge of modern techniques in physical therapy. With a diverse staff with a range of specialties, our office can meet your individual needs with specialized treatments.


Manual Therapies:

  • Graston Technique Therapy: This treatment involves instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. PTs use a specially designed tool to locate and treat dysfunction in the fascia, muscle and tendons. Graston is like a much deeper version of a deep-tissue massage— many patients find it extremely effective in working out knots and other muscle problems. 
  • McKenzie Method: The McKenzie method is a comprehensive therapy system developed in New Zealand, and primarily used to mitigate pain in the extremities and back. It involves assessment, classification, treatment and prevention of acute, subacute and chronic pain. 
  • Kinesiology Tape: Our PTs are experts in applying and teaching patients how to use K-tape. Primarily K-tape is used to manage pain, and aid injury recovery for athletes. 


Technology-driven Treatments

  • Posture Assessment: Our PTs use specialized applications that offer precise diagnostic assessments of patient’s posture. By analyzing photos of patients, our software helps assess areas of improvement and allows our PTs to quickly create individualized treatment plans. 
  • Web-Integrated Treatment: MSQW uses cutting-edge communication software to help patients continue their treatment at home. Our tech provides exercise and stretching guides that include video instruction and digital logs. Feedback sections also help our PTs monitor progress and change treatments as patients progress.
  • Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis is a technology that allows hyper-local delivery of medicines for pain management with soft-tissue injuries. Anti-inflammatory medicines are applied using pads to areas of issue while a gentle electric current allows efficient absorption to the site.


Conditions we treat

Our physical therapy focuses on recovery from injury, as well as injury prevention towards long-term health and wellness. The most common conditions we treat are:

  • Runner’s Knee
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Sciatica
  • Shin Splints
  • Balance Issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Back pain and lower back pain
  • Tendonitis 


Curious about treatment? Here’s what your first session could look like

We begin all sessions with new patients in the same way: by listening. Our PTs will get a detailed medical history and description of your pain or current state of health. 

Next, we perform a diagnostic analysis to understand the source of your pains or discomforts. During this fifteen minute exercise, we will try to isolate the problems with your movement that our treatment might help to alleviate. If necessary our practitioners may administer some therapeutic technique at this time. 

After we have properly diagnosed your current state, we will work with you to set fitness goals for long term health. Together, we will lay out a plan to move from stiffness, immobility and pain towards flexibility, strength and wellness. This typically involves assigning exercises and stretches for you to complete outside of the office. 

The entire process should take no more than 45 minutes! 

Our PTs may recommend further PT sessions, or suggest an integrated treatment approach involving acupuncturists or chiropractors at MSQW.