Our Plans to Reopen Safely

Why I’m Excited About At-Home Health Sessions

Madison Square Wellness

A lot has changed over the past six months in New York and across the country. Responding to this pandemic has required personal sacrifice and courage from all of us.


Between working from home for an extended period, to managing the added pressure of homeschooling, to any other of the thousand stresses that have come with the pandemic, many of my patients are feeling an immense physical toll on their bodies.


Make-shift workstations especially seem to be causing excess joint and muscle pain. Improper ergonomics can hurt posture quicker than most people know. Being stuck in the house makes it very hard to exercise or move enough to work off these stresses in a healthy way.


In order to help my patients achieve better movement and wellness at a time when they may not be able to visit my office, I am now offering at-home chiropractic appointments for the first time. 


Already, these sessions have proven to be comfortable, seamless and incredibly effective at helping people remain healthy and happy under our difficult circumstances. 


Both my patients and I have found that mobile sessions are a fantastic way to provide extremely personalized care. Not only am I able to deliver traditional chiropractic treatments in a comfortable and familiar environment, I can also help patients create plans for stretching, posture improvement and at-home work station ergonomics. Getting to skip the car or train ride to the office also seems to make people feel more safe and able to get the most out of our sessions. 


From student athletes and marathon-trainers, to teachers and business people, mobile sessions are allowing me to get back to meeting all of my patients where they are at, and working to develop unique wellness plans for each of them. 


I am so grateful that our community has been receptive and eager to make use of these services. As a health provider I am happiest when my team and I are able to treat as many people as possible, especially when they need it most. I look forward to the exciting new opportunities this chapter of care will bring!