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How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

Why A Good Chiropractor Gives Will Give You Homework

Over the last fifteen years at Madison Square Wellness, I’ve had countless patients tell me that our  chiropractic treatments changed their lives. From taking away their pain, to helping them bounce back from an injury to creating holistic wellness plans, chiropractic has drastically transformed the way my patients move, feel and live. 

Each year as new studies demonstrate chiropractic’s effectiveness to treat problems traditionally solved with medicines or surgery, the popularity of our field grows. As a long time practitioner, I am so excited to see more and more first time patients interested in chiropractic, as well as patients who are making chiropractic a part of their continuing health and wellness routines. 

But with over 70,000 actively licensed chiropractors across the US (and over 400 in New York City alone), it can be difficult for new patients to connect with the right practitioner. Most new patients know that they are in pain, or simply want to feel better, but have a hard time sorting through the advertising and jargon to find someone who can really help them.

Over my many years in the field, I’ve given out this advice to friends about the best way to find a great chiropractor:

Look for a well-educated, fully licensed professional

This is a simple, but very important first step. To call yourself a “Chiropractor” in New York, you must obtain a license from the state. Licensed chiropractors have passed a number of tests proving they are qualified to practice, in addition to meeting robust educational requirements. 

When you’re looking at the profile of a chiropractor, make sure they are licensed! If you have any trouble telling whether someone is licensed or not, that is a big sign you are in the wrong place.

Avoid anyone who tries to sell you a bundle of treatments up front

A notorious old-school model of chiropractic was built on selling many sessions of treatment to patients at the end of the first visit. This is a huge red flag that the chiropractor is more concerned with taking your money than helping you achieve your wellness goals. 

At MSQW, we treat our patients on a session-to-session basis. A good chiropractor knows that they might not see their patient each and every week—and that is totally ok! Our goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals, regardless whether you are in our office or in your home. 

Look for someone that wants to build a personal relationship

Good chiropractic treatment goes beyond administering adjustments. Your chiropractor should be interested in everything about you— your lifestyle, your stresses and most importantly, your long term wellness goals. Finding a practitioner who will get to know you beyond the treatment table is absolutely essential when choosing where to seek chiropractic. 

Many of our greatest success stories at MSQW come from the long-term relationships we establish with our patients. Our treatment methods are rooted in a holistic approach that works because we understand our patients’ lifestyles, and who they are as people. One size does not fit all when it comes to chiropractic, and we feel it is important to truly know our patients. 

They’ll help you build a plan, and give you homework

This might seem strange, but you want to find a chiropractor who will give you homework. Trust me.

A good chiropractor should work with you to establish long term goals for your wellness. To be sure, their treatments will be one part of moving towards those goals. But, they should be just as concerned with making sure you can keep working even when you are out of office. That includes suggesting exercises, lifestyle changes and more that can take you closer to those goals. Any chiropractor who simply wants you to return to their office will ignore this aspect of treatment completely. 

Our approach at MSQW is based on patient-centered, holisitc wellness. Every chiropractor in our office uses their knowledge to set goals for their patient first, and use chiropractic treatments second. We make sure all patients are well educated about how they can help themselves feel better on their own. 

They can offer integrated wellness treatments

Your chiropractor should have no problem suggesting other forms of treatment beyond the traditional spinal adjustments. Sometimes patients face health issues better solved by a physical therapist than a chiropractor— it’s important that the chiropractor you choose looks at your health in holistic manner, and can refer you to new treatments when necessary.

Our office not only provides chiropractic treatment, but also physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Often times we find that some combination of services is the best way to reach the unique needs of each of our patients. 

You should feel results after the first few sessions

No chiropractor can solve all of your problems overnight. But after a few sessions together, you should definitely be able to notice an improvement in how you feel. If your chiropractor is promising results and you aren’t seeing them, jump ship and find someone who will treat you better. 

Our philosophy of chiropractic revolves around a constant assessment of patients’ needs. We tailor each of our patients’ sessions in response to how well they are progressing towards their wellness goals. Our flexibility and compassion allow us to get long-lasting results, quickly. 

At the end of the day…

The right chiropractor for you is someone who you can trust to take a broad view of your individual wellness. At a time when the modern chiropractor can offer so much to their patients, you owe it to yourself to choose a practitioner who can make the most of their skills to help you feel the best you possibly can. 

If you are curious to learn about how I put my decades of chiropractic experience to work at  MSQW, check out more information on our chiropractic services and philosophy here.